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"Same Planet, Different Worlds."

Allan Alexander The Musician/Composer - Pretty Boring

Allan Alexander, Composer, Performer and Teacher - On this page you will see some of the beautiful Instruments he plays when he performs and learn a bit about them. Allan never realized the lute even existed when he was young, but always had a fascination with Castles, the Renaissance and guitars. Since everyone knows what a guitar is, here is a brief history and a picture of the Lute. After looking at the lute you might like to see a close-up of the Rose. If you can suffer his personality and live in the Albany NY area, you could get in touch and learn how to really play the these instruments. Believe it or not, he is good. If you ever met him you wouldn't have a clue from his personality, but if all you ever do is hear his Recordings or the duos with Jessica. There you can hear them without having to put up with him. He and Jessica write a lot of music together. He also writes Music by himself, another ideal way to experience him without actually having to make contact. If you just can't help yourself and have to respond to all of this, you can e-mail him at e-mail. This way he is easier to ignore if he wants you for something. If you just can't stand it and would like to have Lessons, send an e-mail for more information. I don't want to hear any more of this, take me directly to the "Midi Library." Another way to hear Allan or Allan and Jessica would be the CD's from ADG productions. They also sell music through this company and both Allan and Allan and Jessica have book/CD packages available through them.

The Personality (Not worth mentioning)

After reading about what Allan does you might expect to find a witty interesting person. alas, here is where the formula breaks down. Booooooorrrrring! Tedious.... Listen to him play, have him fix your computer, ask him a question and then just get off the phone. Don't invite him to a party or think you will have an interesting conversation. He needs to get a life. His poor wife and friends..... what a trial, all they have to put up with.

His Wife

Smart, attractive, witty... which really makes you wonder what she sees in him. A sculptor working in bronze and other mediums, she has her life together. Some photos of her sculpture are on display on her Web Page. She also in interested in paper casting and lately, etchings. You can see these at The latest project she is involved in is a project with the NY state museum of facial reconstruction. Watch her webpage for updates to this, it's quite incredible.

His Friends

He does have a few friends, but few have web pages. Of course, they are really outside the normal flow of things. Check out Emily, and from there you can visit her home country, China. All of these folks are more interesting and exciting than Allan, thank God.

His Nephew

Although Allan is unimaginative and drab, his Nephew is witty and fascinating. His trek into humor is worth the trip to his home page.

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