Book/CD Collections for Guitar, Mandolin, Lute, Flute, Violin & Piano

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 CDs for Guitar, Lute, Flute & Mandolin        The Book of Music Secrets

Classical Guitar Book/CDs

  1. A Treasury of Celtic Music for Guitar

  2. Three Blues for Guitar 3/27/20012
  3. A Variety of Music for Guitar 3/27/20012
  4. Guitar Music for Medieval Faires 01/01/12
  5. Hymns Plus Book/CD
  6. A Guitar for All Seasons 01/19/11
  7. An International Christmas for Guitar 9/29/10
  8. The Baroque Gig Book 8/2/10
  9. Renaissance Lute Music for Guitar Book/CD 3/12/10
  10. Folksongs for Guitar from Near & Far Book/CD 9/24/09
  11. JS Bach Partita BWV 997 Book/CD 3/11/09
  12. A Bouquet of Waltzes for Guitar Book/CD 12/30/08
  13. Eight Concert Rags for Guitar BookCD Joplin 12/17/08
  14. Balkan Music for Guitar Book/CD 6/14/08
  15. The Spanish Collection Book/CD
  16. The Essential Greensleeves for Guitar Book/CD
  17. Mostly Medieval Music for Guitar Book/CD
  18. 8 Sonatas for Guitar by Domenico Scarlatti Book/CD
  19. 12 Rhythmic Dances for Guitar Book/CD
  20. 15 Venezuelan Waltzes for Guitar Book/CD
  21. The Guitarist's Lute Book/CD
  22. Celtic Music for Guitar Vol I & Vol II Book/CD
  23. Renaissance Music for Guitar Vol I
  24. Renaissance Music for Guitar Vol II Book/CD
  25. Music of Spain & South America Book/CD
  26. Flamenco Music for Guitar Book/CD
  27. Music from the British Isles Book/CD
  28. Christmas Music for Guitar Book/CD
  29. World Music for Guitar Book/CD
  30. Easy Pieces for Guitar Book/CD


  1. Mandolin Delights Book/CD

  2. Medieval Masterpieces for Mandolin Book/CD
  3. Mandolin Music for the Medieval Minstrel Book/CD
  4. The Celtic Gig Book for Mandolin Book/CD
  5. Music of Spain and South America for Mandolin & Guitar Duet Book/CD
  6. Airs of the Scottish Renaissance for Mandolin Book/CD 05/25/09
  7. Balkan Music for Mandolin Book/CD 11/1/2008
  8. Mandolin Music for Renaissance Faires Book/CD 5/5/2008
  9. Mandolin Music for Medieval Faires Book/CD
  10. Medieval Music for Mandolin Book/CD
  11. Medieval Music for Mandolin Vol II Book/CD
  12. Renaissance Music for Mandolin Book/CD
  13. Music of Spain & South America for Mandolin Book/CD
  14. Traditional Dance Music of Spain & South America Book/CD
  15. Early Dance Music for Mandolin Book/CD
  16. Celtic Music for Mandolin Book/CD Including Renaissance Dances & Early Music
  17. Christmas Music for Mandolin Book/CD
  18. Christmas Duets for Mandolin & Guitar Book Only

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LUTE - All in French Tablature

  1. Medieval Masterpieces for Renaissance Lute Book/CD

  2. Medieval Cantigas for Renaissance Lute Book/CD
  3. The Queen's Musick Book/CD
  4. The Magic Lute Book/CD
  5. A Variety of Music for Renaissance Lute Book/CD
  6. 23 Easy Pieces for the Renaissance Lute Book/CD
  7. 31 Pieces for Renaissance Lute Book/CD
  8. Celtic Music for Lute in Four Volumes
  9. Music for Lute and Recorder Vol I & II Book Only
  10. Christmas Music for Lute and Recorder Book/CD
  11. The Christmas Lute Book/CD


  1. Flatpicking Medieval Music for Guitar Book/CD

  2. Flatpicking Celtic Music for Guitar Book/CD

FLUTE / Flute & Guitar Book/CDs

  1. Flute Music for Medieval Faires -

  2. Flute Music for Celtic Festivals Book/CD -
  3. Music of Spain and South America for Flute & Guitar (Duets)
  4. Celtic Music for Flute & Guitar
  5. World Music & Flute and Guitar
  6. Ancient Airs, Cantigas & Dances for Flute & Guitar
  7. Christmas Music for Flute
  8. Christmas Duets for Flute and Guitar With CD
  9. Music of Spain & South America for Flute
  10. Celtic Music for Flute
  11. Celtic Music for Flute Vol II
  12. Medieval & Renaissance Music for Flute
  13. World Music for Flute

  14. Music for Native American Flute

  15. Celtic Music for Flute & Piano

CELLO & GUITAR - Book Only

Music for Cello & Guitar Vol I
Duets for Cello & Guitar Vol II
Duets for Cello & Guitar Vol III
Christmas Music for Cello & Guitar



  1. Christmas Music for Piano

  2. Celtic Music for Piano
  3. Celtic Music for Flute & Piano



  1. Music of Spain & South America for Violin

  2. Christmas Duets for Violin & Guitar Book Only
  3. Medieval Music for Violin
  4. Christmas Music for Violin

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