Celtic Music For Lute in Four Volumes

These Four Volumes of tablature contain Traditional Celtic and Scottish pieces set for lute, O'Carolan pieces arranged for lute, original 16th century lute pieces for which variations written. The pieces are accessible, some very easy, and some of intermediate difficulty. These tunes are GREAT, fun to play and fun to learn. All pieces are in French Tablature. It's like free practice time. Volumes I and II are $12.95 each, Volumes III and IV are $13.95. Many of these pieces can be heard on the release , "Castles in the Sky." You can hear a few samples at SoundClick

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Volume I

  1. Blackthorn Stick - Traditional

  2. The Butterfly - Traditional
  3. Castles in the Sky - Traditional
  4. Cremonea - Traditional (in combination with "The Queen's Dream")
  5. Deever the Dancer - Traditional
  6. Dermott O'Doud - Turlough Carolan
  7. The Queen's Dream - Turlough Carolan
  8. Carolan's Draught - Turlough Carolan
  9. Thomas Burke - Turlough Carolan
  10. Mrs. Farrell - Turlough Carolan
  11. Carolan's Favorite Jig - Turlough Carolan
  12. Carolan's Frolic - Turlough Carolan
  13. The Clergy's Lamentation

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Volume II

  1. A Lilt - Rory Dall

  2. Lord Inchiqiun - - Turlough Carolan
  3. Mable Kelly - Turlough Carolan
  4. Comben Market - Traditional
  5. Ellen O'Grady - Traditional
  6. Morgan Megan - Turlough Carolan
  7. Road to Listonvarna/Morris Dance
  8. Nyth Gwcw - Traditional
  9. Carolan's Quarrel With the Landlady - Turlough Carolan
  10. Carolan's Receipt for Drinking - Turlough Carolan
  11. Ruig Muire Mac De Dhia - Traditional
  12. Sheebeg Sheemore - Turlough Carolan - His first composition
  13. Separation of Soul and Body - Turlough Carolan
  14. Carolan's Welcome Home - Turlough Carolan
  15. Mrs. O'Neil of Carlane - Turlough Carolan
  16. Carolan's Ramble to Cashel - Turlough Carolan

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Volume III

  1. Variations on "I Lie Alone" Variations on a Mandora Piece

  2. Hewlett - Turlough Carolan
  3. Garrett Barry - Traditional
  4. Variations on Woe Betyd Thy Waerie Bodie - Variations on a Lute Piece
  5. Variations on Corne Yards - Variations on a Lute Piece
  6. Variations on A Port -Variations on a Lute Piece
  7. The Swan - Traditional
  8. I Serve a Worthy Ladie - Arrangement of Mandora Piece
  9. Variations on Canaries - Variations on a Lute Piece
  10. Sir Ulick Burke - Turlough Carolan
  11. The Emigrant's Daughter - Traditional
  12. Betty O'Brien - Traditional
  13. Thomas Leixlip the Proud - Turlough Carolan
  14. The Fisherman's Lilt - Traditional

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Volume IV

  1. The Munster Cloak

  2. The Chanter's Song
  3. I Mett Her in the Meadowe
  4. A Toy
  5. Untitled Piece (A Scott's Tune)
  6. Maurice O'Conner 2nd Air & Miss MacMurray - Turlough Carolan
  7. Cary Jane
  8. S Fhada Leam an Oidhche Geamhraidh
  9. Star of the County Down
  10. Blind Mary - Turlough Carolan
  11. Mrs. Hamilton - Cornelius Lyons
  12. I Will Not Go to Bed Until I should Die

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