Celtic Music for Flute & Guitar Book/CD

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This is the Celtic music we have always wanted to play. The flute and guitar dance as independent partners, beautiful melodies are intertwined, rhythmic phrases combine to form a kaleidoscope of sound. The music is colorful and exciting, warm and enchanting. We love playing together, and we loved making this Book/CD. Find someone who plays the flute or guitar (depending on your instrument). You will have the time of your life. This music will move you; it will make you laugh and connect to the musician within you.

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The Pieces

Nynth Gwcw
Cary Jane
Song of the Chanter
A Lilt
Road to Listonvarna
Carolan's Farewell
Jenny Pluck Pears
The Exile Song
Kathrine Bairdie
Pastheen Fionn
My Thousand Times Beloved
Linda's Love
Heartland Air
Mrs Farrell
Rug Muir Mac de Dhia
Carolan's Memories
Separation of Soul and Body
Woe Betyd Thy Wearie Bodie
Manx Lullaby

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Available with CD

The book comes with a high quality digital compact disc of Jessica Walsh and Allan Alexander playing all of the pieces in the book. This is not just a learning CD, it's music that intended for listening.

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