The Celtic Gig Book for Mandolin Book/CD

Includes Both Notation and TAB plus Chords for Accompanist

New Edition
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Herb Lucki Says: I played through all the book yesterday and had a ball.  I think this is by far one of your best.  I like the guitar accompaniment. The mandolin parts have a lot of room to do some nice things, like adding more tremolo to get that Irish Pub feeling (on some of the slower pieces, I was using tremolo on some of the quarter notes as well as the halves and wholes). I was also playing around with hammer - on's and slurs to attempt and get some nice ornamentation effects to some of the pieces.  These are super tunes!!

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Are you looking for great tunes for a gig? Or maybe like me, you are just looking for great tunes to play because music is the best game in town. Either way you have come to the right place. Between the covers of this book you will find tunes you will want to play over and over. Have you ever read that on the back of one of my books? I’m sure you have because I keep saying it... The reason is because great tunes are what I always look for. It’s how I learned how to play and how I keep playing. I just find tunes I can’t stop playing and the rest takes care of itself. So whether you play “Deever the Dancer” “The Gypsy Rover” or one of the sweet lute pieces from the Wymess manuscript, you will have a blast with this collection.

We also now have available a insert of all of the guitar parts for the pieces in the book written out in Notation or Tablature. It's only $7.95 plus shipping. Drop me a note at and I can give you a price for book plus the guitar parts. The vast majority of people use the chords for the accompany instruments.

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"The Pieces in The Celtic Gig Book/CD

The Gypsy Rover
I Choys to Ly My Lon
Man of the House
Little Beggarman
Garrett Barry
Song of the Chanter
Lilt Milne
Nyth Gwcw
All Alive
Captain Kain

Deever the Dancer - The Widow Well Married
Kitty Magennis
The Munster Cloak
Carolan's Ramble to Cashel
Squire Wood's Lamentation
Suo Gan
Who'll be King but Charlie
Carolan's Lament



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Presented in beautifully scored Music Notation & Tablature

The music notation and tabllature are clear and crisp.
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Comes With a Compact Disc of the Pieces Performed by Allan Alexander

The CD, played by Allan Alexander, gives the musician the advantage of being able to hear how these songs can be played and will make the learning process easier. This is a high quality Digital recording (DDD). In addition to helping the player become familiar with the music, it will also be a source of listening pleasure.

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