Music is there for anyone who wants it. It will take longer than you think, but you will be better than you can imagine.

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My Theory of Learning a Musical Instrument

The deal with the lute, guitar or any instrument as far as I am concerned is easy. I subscribe to the "eating pizza" method. No one has to persuade someone to eat pizza (or whatever their favorite food is, pizza is just convenient for this analogy). They don't have to define it, analyze it, think about if they are eating it correctly, or take it too seriously. It's fun, it makes you feel good and people look forward to doing it. That is what playing an instrument is about. Find a teacher that wants you to have fun. Reject anyone that wants you to take it seriously. Don't be any more concerned about it than you would about watching a football game. If you learn a tune and don't like the way you play it, learn it again. Make playing as pleasurable as you can, don't bother with exercises. If you doubt that it can be done, buy my disc. :-) I'm nothing special. Anyone can do it, just like anyone can learn how to be a geek. It's only the fear of it that ruins it for people. Now if you disagree with me, write a letter to your congressman, to the lute list or post something on the guitar newsgroups, don't write to me because I'm too busy having a good time to respond.

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Why I give away Free Tablature and Free Music

I am hoping it's sort of like a drug addiction. You play the free tune, think it's sort of nice maybe, and then dismiss it. But then a while later, you find yourself humming a tune, and can't figure out what it is. You finally figure out it's something I wrote, then you play it more and more often, as you get better at it, you become addicted, you need more. You are then forced to send me money for new pieces to supply your new habit. You start to come to the page every week hoping to see new tunes. It's all an insidious plot.


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