Flute Music for Medieval Faires Book/CD

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This is the music you’ll come back to over and over again. It’s timeless, original and could be written today if the composers had the originality, zest for life and musical freedom that these pieces reflect. I believe you’ll be enchanted with the music and enveloped by the aura that these pieces, when played, provide. This is the music you have always wanted to play. It’s suitable for recreation, for Medieval events of all types, SCA events and even weddings. The accompanying CD has separate tracks so you can play along with the guitar accompaniment. The guitar parts for this book are also available as an extra option. Cover Art copyright © Kay Sather

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"Flute Music for Medieval Faires

A Virgen Mui Groriosa (Cantiga 42)
Cantar de Boda
Por Que Nos Ajamos (Cantiga 9)
A Virgen, Madre de Nostro Sennor (Cantiga 41)
Quena Virgen Ben Servir (Cantiga 59)
Ben Pod'a Sennor Sen Par (Cantiga 101)
Como Somos per Consello (Cantiga 119)
Con Razon Ras Creaturas (Cantiga 342)
Null' Ome Per Ren (Cantiga 361)
Cantiga de Brisa
Lauda Novella
Laudemus Virginem
Por My Gran Fremosura (384)
Santa Maria Loei (Cantiga 200)
Todo los Coitados que ueren Saude (Cantiga 223)
O Que a Santa Maria (Cantiga 12)
Toda Saude da Santa Rea (Cantiga 54)
Cantiga for Rachel
Da Que Deus Mamo (Cantiga 77)
Quantos en Santa Maria (Cantiga 66)
Vertud 'e Sabedoria (Cantiga 231)
Razon e Grande'e Dereito (Cantiga 229)
Santa Maria Valed (Cantiga 279)

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Presented in beautifully scored Music Notation

The music notation is clear and crisp. This book will help you to learn the tunes quickly.

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Comes With a Compact Disc of the Pieces Performed by Rachel Sayle Crisler and Allan Alexander

The CD, played by Rachel Sayle Crisler, gives the musician the advantage of being able to hear how these songs can be played and will make the learning process easier. This is a high quality Digital recording (DDD). In addition to helping the player become familiar with the music, it will also be a source of listening pleasure.

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