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Updated May, 2005 All Images, Arrangements and Music Copyright © Allan Alexander. We Now accept Payment from PayPal for sheet music. To Purchase sheet music on this site. All Selections are $4.00 except Pachelbel Canon which is $4.95.

All Selections are $4.00 except Pachelbel Canon which is $4.95

Why I Write Music

It all started when I wanted more Lauro Waltzes then were available. There was no other recourse but to write some that I liked. I found this was a good way to continually fill my need for pieces that I wanted to play. Of course if I write something that I don't like, I toss it, so I am only left with those that are appealing. For me, writing is just throwing away 99% of what I do and keeping the rest. All this is complicated by the fact that people seem to actually like the pieces, and so now I'm under the illusion that I can actually write. Composing is not easy for me, and I'm often frustrated. But the rewards are great, and when I get something I really like, I can't stop playing it, and what can be better than that?

Original Compositions:

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Why I Arrange

Mostly for the same reason that I write, I started looking for arrangements of tunes that I couldn't find, and when I did find them, often I didn't like them. I'm just forced into all of this, it's not really my fault. Both the Joplin Rags and the Pachelbel piece started it all, but I like the process and it's better than getting involved in politics.


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Rags by Scott Joplin

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Venezuelan Waltzes

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I Hate Christmas Music

I have to admit that I am not all that fond of Christmas music, and for me, finding good arrangements is difficult. They are either just too simplistic, or very difficult, and I'm a lazy player. I love an easy tune, but I don't want it to appear too easy, or who in the audience will respect me? I believe Christmas music has to be developed a bit. What I usually do is write an intro, state the tune and then have fun with variations. Go ahead, take a chance, if you don't like it, we will send you your money back when you return the music in good shape.

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Free Music

If you play Classical Guitar, send us your name and a Snail Mail Address (Postal Address) via e-mail with the subject "Free Music for Guitar" with:

First Name, Last Name
City, State, Zip

If your e-mail address is not functioning, we won't send anything. If it is, we will send you the titles "Waltz In Two" and "Juliana," through the US Postal Service. They are of intermediate difficulty and fun to play. I think they will be something that you will come back to and play over and over. It will be a nice edition sent either First Class or Printed Matter in a large manila envelope. Boy, I just love getting music in the mail. I will also give you the right to copy "Waltz in Two" free for your students and friends. I still retain all the copyrights, and you do not have the right to sell it.

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Drop us an e-mail with your order. We will Calculate Postage and let you know the total. If you would like to use a Charge Card to place an order, you can contact The Guitar Gallery of Houston.

Payments can be made by:

  1. With Paypal

  2. A check drawn on a US Bank for US Funds.
  3. An International Postal Money Order paying US Funds
  4. An American Express Money Order paying US Funds from a US Bank
  5. Cash
  6. Charge Card Through The Guitar Gallery of Houston

If you don't like the music when you receive it, we offer an unconditional return if you order the music through us, you send it back in the same shape you received it, and we send your money back. If you order from the Guitar Gallery, check with their policy.

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If there is a particular piece that is COPYRIGHT FREE, and you are just dying to play, but you can't seem to find a good arrangement anywhere, let us know what it is. We may be interested in adding it to our collection, just e-mail us and tell us what you would like.

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* My opinion of course.