Music for Spain and South America

Music from Spain & South America - 24 Great Tracks. It was time for another run to New York City to look for music. I would usually take the bus, or drive on the Taconic Parkway as there were no tolls. Once I arrived, my favorite place was “The Spanish Music Center” on West 48th Street. It was located in the Belvedere Hotel. I loved that shop. It was owned by an older gentleman who really knew and loved his music. He imported everything available and he also published his own editions. Sometimes when I didn’t know the title, I would try to hum it for him and he would go find the music. When he couldn’t get it from my voice, I would pick up one of the many guitars he imported and play him the melody. He would also tell you what the best edition was. Every guitarist in NY City must have known about his store. I would always spend all my money, and then hurry home the three hours to try play the music. When I found a composer I loved, I would buy everything he wrote. I also bought record albums. These weren’t just for listening. I was looking for pieces to play; tunes I would want to play over and over again. When I would find something I loved, I would try and get the music. This is the spirit behind the creation of this book. This is a great collection of music. The type that I can’t stop playing. The pieces are accessible and carefully fingered. They contain the one essential secret ingredient in music I love. Magic! You can hear some of the pieces on SoundClick

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1 Song from Salamanca - Variations by Allan Alexander
2 Canaries Two - Variations by Allan Alexander
3 O Cantiga das Sombras - by Allan Alexander
4 O Que Diz Que Servir - Cantiga 311
5 Brazilian Lullaby - Variations by Allan Alexander	
6 Buenos Reyes - Variations by Allan Alexander
7 Ay, Ay, Ay - Variations by Allan Alexander
8 Canaries - by Allan Alexander
9 Villanos
10 Cancion & Bolero No. 2 - by Allan Alexander
11 Song of the Emperor
12 Hakumamai Purisisun - Variations by Allan Alexander
13 Folias
14 El Noy de la Mar
15 Danza Ritmico No 13 (Tsianina’s Dream)- by Allan Alexander
16 Carnavilito Nostalgico - by Allan Alexander
17 Linda Amiga - Variations by Allan Alexander
18 Siway Azucena - Variations by Allan Alexander
19 Muchacha Bonita - Variations by Allan Alexander
20 Monica Perez
21 The Merchants Daughter - Variations by Allan Alexander
22 Maricensko
23 Pobre Corazon - Variations by Allan Alexander















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