The Spanish Collection Book/CD

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    Seven Centuries of Music for Guitar. Hear samples on Soundclick Or check out our Video on Youtube. Or click here and here Cynthia Underwood play pieces from books.

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    From the haunting "Cantar de Boda" to the exciting Danza de Las Tabiernas, I believe you will find this to be an engaging collection of music that will give you hours and hours of pleasure. Here you will find music spanning eight centuries including an early Cantiga, two lovely pavans from the Renaissance and the beautiful "Berceuse" by Isaac Albeniz. One of my favorite things to do is to learn a new piece that I love; when I have such a piece, I play it over and over and I cannot stop playing it. It's addictive, and I believe that this is the best kind of time you will ever spend with the guitar. The music is presented in notation. If you only read Tablature, there is an insert available for an extra $5.00. The Enclosed cd is a performance of all the music in the book in the order they appear in the book.

    This is a terrific collection for performances or for playing for your own pleasure. It is presented in beautiful Music Notation. I believe this will be a very valuable addition to your guitar collections. Take a moment to listen to a few of the pieces included in this collection on Soundclick

    The Pieces

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    The Pieces

    1. Cantar de Boda - Traditional

    2. A Virgen Mui Groriosa -Alfonso X el Sabio
    3. Pavan Two - Luis Milan
    4. Pavan Four - Luis Milan
    5. Cantiga Brisa - Allan Alexander
    6. A la Mar fui por Naranxes - Traditional
    7. Danza de Las Tabiernas - Traditional
    8. Espanoletta - Traditional
    9. Fugue - Gaspar Sanz
    10. Si Tuvieramos Aceite - Traditional
    11. Danza Pixueta - Traditional
    12. La Romenesca - Fernando Sor
    13. Mi Llamaste Morenita - Traditional
    14. Si la Nieve Resbala - Traditional
    15. Jota Puntiada - Traditional
    16. Avila - Allan Alexander
    17. Berceuse - Isaac Albeniz
    18. Heri Huntan - Traditional

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