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From the beautiful “Arirang” came the idea to gather the music for this wonderful collection. We knew that if there were one “Arirang,” there were more, and we set out to find as many as would fit in the book. Every piece in this collection is a jewel, music we want to play and that listeners respond to. “What is that? I love that. It’s beautiful.” We hear these enthusiastic responses from our audiences, and more importantly, we enjoy playing this terrific music from all around the world.

One of the benefits of the book is that it can be a starting place for your own search for world music. After playing the exciting Greek piece, the exotic Moroccan tune, or the sweet melody from Catalonia, you may find yourself carried off on a quest to find more of the sounds you like.

There is an hour of music in the book, gathered from many countries and beautifully arranged. If you have never played the Ojibway “Walking Song” or the ancient “Cantigas” collected by the Castilian King Alphonse the Wise or the Venezuelan “Watch-Night Song,” then there are plenty of reasons to get the book. There may also be tunes you already know and would like to have good arrangements for – perhaps “Scarborough Faire” or “Come Give Me Your Hand.”

Music is a unique language speaking across both continents and centuries. Maybe this accounts for the delightful variation in its phrases and its power to “roll the lake in waves.”

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The Pieces

  1. Canción & Bolero

  2. Come Give me Your Hand
  3. Canarios
  4. Arirang
  5. Let it Sound
  6. De Muitas Guissas (Cantiga 158)
  7. A Virgen, que de Deus (Cantiga 322)
  8. El Testamento de Amelia
  9. Gigue in D
  10. Asmar el Loun
  11. Hora Fetelor
  12. Wild Grows the Clover
  13. Inca Melodies
  14. Two Bransles
  15. Nanatsu no ko
  16. Juliana
  17. Scarborough Faire
  18. Syncope
  19. Tono de Velorio de Cruz
  20. Syrian Song
  21. Thalassaki Mou
  22. Walking Song

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Available with CD

The book comes with a high quality digital compact disc of Jessica Walsh and Allan Alexander playing all of the pieces in the book. This is not just a learning CD, it's music that intended for listening.

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