Music of the British Isles

There is a wealth of music from the British Isles. I can only touch upon the different areas in this book. In this book you will find a broad spectrum of great music that I believe you will not be able to stop listening to. Here you will find music from a lute manuscript, music of the great Renaissance composers John Dowland and Anthony Holborne, a haunting piece titled “Down in Yon Forest,” beautiful pieces by the great harper composer Turlough O’Carolan, traditional pieces such as Deever the Dancer and Slane that have lasted because people could not stop humming them, and even a very early hypnotic hymn titled “The Truth Above.”

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1 Deever the Dancer
2 Carolan’s Farewell to Music
3 Kitty Magennis
4 Beuty in Tears
5 The Green Bushes
6 Leslie’s Lilt
7 Down by Yon Banks
8 Gigue - Handel
9 The Water is Wide
10 Home Again, Market is Done
11 The Countess of Pembrook’s Paradise
12 Jon Smith’s Almaine
13 Nonesuch
14 The Truth Above
15 Sally Gardens
16 Down in Yon Forest
17 Captain Kain
16 Hornpipe I
19 Hornpipe II
20 Eleanor Plunkett
21 The Two William Davises
22 The Squire Wood’s Lamentation
23 Slane
24 Suo Gan