Allan Alexander enjoys teaching mostly adults, but can put up with an intelligent child. Learning music can be an enjoyable, rewarding experience, with the right teacher. Allan believes that playing and learning are something you can be attracted to, something that you can't put down. (See Music Secrets) It's no coincidence that the two things that Allan can't seem to stop doing are computers and music. Learning to play music has the same sort of attraction as computers. I used to think that if Bach were alive today, he would be a computer "geek," but now I think he would be both a musician and heavily involved in computers.

If you live in the Albany area, do something for yourself that will have lasting rewards. If you have an interest in learning guitar or lute, you can contact Allan via e-mail at dowland@albany.net.

Allan Alexander can also be heard on compact discs "Music for Guitar and Lute," "Castles in the Sky," or "Celtic Music For Guitar." Many of these are available locally at Borders Books and Music, and Word Wide through your favorite music dealer.

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